Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Develop an Artist Live / Work Village with curb appeal

Use a mix of new construction and old buildings brought to the site

Retail oriented design studio in the front of buildings to create and sell art

Living space behind and/or above studio – 1, 2 or 3 stories

Artists complete the buildings - eclectic, funky, attractive – works of art

Artist Alley a diagonal from Washington / MacArthur with a cul de sac at each end

Alley is a sculpture with faux & real cobblestone, with patterns and sketches

Major sculpture an eclectic interesting windmill that also generates electricity in a pool of water

New urban development along the Artist Alley - vary the setbacks and design

Alley is pedestrian on weekends - an open art fair with outsiders permitted to set up and sell

Development is “Green”, with electric generating windmills / solar worked into the units

Intensely landscape - Sculpture garden in a sea of green

Vary types of buildings - straw bale, rammed earth, dome, pyramid, hubcap house, glass, etc

A sculpture pedestal in front of every house, & changed frequently. Ditto outdoor art

Artist Alley narrows from 40 to 10 feet wide. A 1/4 scale building / stage at southeast end

Cafe / pubs / store & B & B fronting Washington - “Richeys Never Inn”

Perimeter parking using diagonal parking, narrow street, faux cobblestone

One pathway leads into existing building for future interior expansion

Use TIF, Enterprise Zone, Historic Tax Credits, and Grants to help finance the development

Propose an ICC / Bradley University / 150 Building / artist training program on site

Phase 1
Construct 10 units, cost $1 million +- 60% +- back in TIF over life of development

Phase 2
Continue based on demand – 35 units+– cost $ 3.5 million +– 60% +- back in TIF

Phase 3
Continue based on demand into existing building -- 60% +- back in TIF
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